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An integrated approach to understanding the magnetic signal in sediments and its application to sedimentary unconformity 5


Because rock magnetic methods are comparatively rapid, they are increasingly applied in Earth Sciences providmg a high resolution tool to analyse past environmental and climatic changes recorded in geological materials. For a scientifically correct interpretation, however, potentially biasing diagenetic effects on the (paleo)magnetic signal must be completely understood. The underlying proposal intends to provide an in-depth insight of these diagenetic effects by combing two promising recent approaches, one put forward by me, the other proposed by the envisaged host laboratory. Part I of the work involves the synthesis of these two approaches so as to establish a sound basis for their application to sedimentary unconformities which potentially cause a dramatic, yet unknown, diagenetic alteration of the magnetic signal (part II). The outcome of the research will significantly enhance rock magnetism as an interdisciplinary tool for the analysis of paleo-environment and paleoclimate, including the retrieval of true geomagnetic information stored in the paleomagnetic signal.


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