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Content archived on 2024-04-30

Quantitative magnetic imaging of thin films with reduced dimensions


Magnetic thin films with reduced dimensions are of considerable interest in terms of fundamental micromagnetic studies, applications to the magnetic recording industry and use as probes in magnetic force microscopy (MFM). In this project it is proposed to study thin films with reduced dimensions, by the methods of Lorentz microscopy, for two distinct systems; (i) elements with micron and sub-micron planar dimensions fabricated by electron beam lithography and (ii) MFM tips produced by coating substrates with reduced dimensions with thin films. In (i) it is intended to look at a number of different magnetic materials with varying magnetic properties in order to gain an insight into the micromagnetic behaviour of thin films with reduced dimensions. It is expected that the magnetic properties of the elements can be tailored by suitable choice of material. The principle objective in (ii) is the magnetic characterization of MFM thin film tips for a number of different systems. At present MFM imaging is limited by the fact that image interpretation is restricted due to the poorly understood tip-sample interaction. It is expected that significant progress in making MFM image interpretation quantitative will be made by studying the behaviour of thin film tips by Lorentz microscopy.

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