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Photoinduced charge-separation in rotaxanes - synthesis of photosynthetic reaction centre models


The project deals with the synthesis of molecules that mimic the photosynthetic reaction centre. The high efficiency in charge-separation in natural systems is due to a fast electron transfer compared with the recombination process after light absorption. The use of transition metals have proved to be convenient to assembly the photosensitive and redox parts to give supermolecules with the desired properties. On the basis of previous studies of Prof. Sauvage, rotaxanes with two porphyrins and a central copper(I) chelate have been chosen as good models with long-lived charge-separated states. The objective is to synthesize more complex systems by attaching electron donor and acceptor fragments to expand charge-separation in space and time and to obtain more efficiency. A better understanding of how natural systems work and future applications in artificial photosynthesis are hoped to be obtained.

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