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The errorterm in the abc conjecture


Content of the project.
The abc conjecture gives an upper bound for the logarithm of the largest absolute value of three nonvanishing integers with vanishing sum in terms of the logarithm of the product of their different prime factors, a quantity known as the radical. At the moment a bound of this type is known, but it is much weaker than the bound of the abc conjecture.
In the project the conjectured bound is replaced by a stronger bound, which reveals the structure of the abc conjecture. In fact, comparison with an analogous theorem in the field of meromorphic functions shows that the bound can be interpreted as a contribution to the radical itself. The plausibility of the stronger bound is based on a heuristic argument in the thesis of the applicant.
Objectives of the project.
The project aims to extend the heuristics to arbitrary number fields. Conversely, research will be carried out to prove that the proposed bound is the best possible. This will be an improvement of an already existing theorem.
The interpretation of the bound as a contribution to the radical suggests a connection with Riemann's Conjecture. In the project this connection will be investigated.


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