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Categorical techniques for the abstract semantics of structured transition systems


The doctoral dissertation of the applicant proposes a general methodology, based on categorical constructions, aimed at providing a uniform algebraic semantics for "structured transition systems", i.e. transition systems where states and transitions can be equipped with some algebraic structure. Such methodology lacks however of mechanisms for the definitions of observation functions on states, and of the corresponding notions of bisimulations. On the contrary, by regarding transition systems as co-algebras (instead of as graphs) interesting co-algebraic and finality techniques have been developed at CWI, that easily allow to deal with observational mechanisms.
The proposed research will aim at generalizing and enriching the methodology proposed in my thesis with the use of the co-algebraic and finality techniques developed at CWI, and other related techniques. In this way, techniques for analysis and verification of structured transition systems, in particular bisimulation techniques would be included. Other results may include the definition of observation mechanisms (and corresponding bisimulation notions) for formalisms like Petri nets, Logic Programming, and Term Rewriting Systems; also, some notions of infinite computations for such systems could be defined.

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