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Intergrated petrological, structural, and geochronological studies of the early proterozoic thermal history and terrane boundaries in the nagssugtoqidian orogen, West Greenland


The applicant has a unique opportunity for training with a team of experienced structural and metamorphic geologists working in Greenland with state of the art 40Ar/39Ar age determination in Amsterdam:
The 1.95-1.7 Ga collisional orogen consists of discrete high grade crustal blocks each with its own lithological assemblage separated and cut by major shear belts. The southern foreland is intruded by 2.05 Ga. basic dykes showing a progressive change over a distance of 150 km from igneous hornblende-bearing rocks to metamorphic assemblages as the orogen is approached. Two interelated studies are planned 1) The timing and degree of progressive metamorphic overprinting. This will be quantified by combined petrological work and 40Ar/39Ar dating of magmatic and metamorphic hornblendes. 2) The timing and structural evolution of the major shear zones that divide the Nagsugtoqidian orogen. This will help resolve the thermal evolution of individual blocks.
Results will used to quantify the evolution of Proterozoic continental crust in terms of amalgamation of individual terranes, their thermal history, and subsequent thermal overprinting.
The combination of working with an internationai research group in the field and state of the art 40Ar/39Ar laboratory work means applicant will increase his personal scientific potential and opportunities considerably. key words 40Ar/39Ar dating, thermal evolution, collisional orogen, shear belts.

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