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Synthesis and characterization of hyperbranched and dendrimeric aromatic polyamides


Synthetic polymer structures consisting of highly branched macromolecules (dendri- mers and hyperbranched polymers) have recently sparked considerable attention for their unusual behaviour and properties. Among them, rigid structures originated from aromatic monomers show peculiar globular shapes, which have a major effect on their basic physical and chemical properties. The present project centred on the direct synthesis of hyperbranched aromatic po- lyamides using the modified Yamazaki's method. Final objective of the project is to synthesize and characterize Kevlar-type dendrimeric polymers built with a fra- ctal-like architecture, thus resulting in a highly symmetrical structure leading to dense packing of the surface. Potential applications of these structures in va- rious fields will also be explored. In order to reach the above goal it is necessary: 1) to define the synthetic route to the multifunctional monomers, 2) to optimize the polymerisation conditions, and 3) to characterize the molecular structure and the most relevant properties of the resultant dendrimeric macromolecule.

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Università degli Studi di Genova
30,corso europa 30
16132 Genova

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