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A monograph of the genus alyxia - apocynaceae


Alyxia in the plant family Apocynaceae is a genus confined to Asia and the Pacific and many species have been found to be of medicinal value. There are approximately 90 species. The objective of the project is to taxonomically revise the genus. The revision will begin with the Malesian species, Alyxia being the only unassigned genus of Apocynaceae for the Flora. When this is complete it will be possible to compile an entire account of the family for Flora Malesiana. This will be a valuable contribution to foresters, conservationists and other forest product users in Malesia and increase our understanding of South-East Asian biodiversity.
The work will he carried out primarily on herbarium specimens supplemented by fieldwork in the region. The results will be published in taxonomic journals and the Flora Malesiana series. A database will be prepared and new multi-media format methods of presentation will be developed.

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