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In-beam gamma-ray and electron spectroscopy - novel techniques using detector arrays


Initial experiments using different configurations of gamma-ray arrays have affirmed their benefits for use for the observation of weak reaction channels. The use of the future arrays with other detection equipment available provides a unique ground for the study of low cross-section or exotic nuclei.
Excellent promise has been shown by the new field of in-beam electron spectroscopy. The upgrading of equipment will improve not only the resolving power of the system, but also allow a new type spectroscopy altogether. The heavy mass region can be explored via this method, and new structure revealed.
The proposal aims to develop the further use of the existing and future arrays, and their applications with other devices at Jyvaskyla applied to innovative areas of nuclear spectroscopy. Current co-operation with other E.U. member states will be able to expand from the important collaboration existing with the U.K. providing the research equipment.

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