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Etude de l'apprentissage et de l'enseignement des concepts d'energie et de force en Greece et en France


This project is situated within the framework of teaching notions in energy and force in two European countries, Greece and France. It aims to better educate our citizens in environmental concerns and in energy use. The study is based on psychological, didactical, and epistemological analysis of the functioning of learner knowledge. The work will be carried out with students from ages 10 to 17, divided by age into subgroups. We will study students' prior knowledge concerning our everyday environment as well as their learning in teaching situations dealing with energy and force. We will construct these teaching situations in both Greece and France. Our results will permit us to propose teaching situations adapted to the country in question as well as to the students' level. This research will contribute to enriching an interactive learning computer environment that has already been experimented on in France.


National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
33,Hipporates Street 33
10680 Athens

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