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Gender of teachers in infant education and children's sex typing behaviour


This research project has been thought in order to answer two current social demands: a non-sexist education, and the role of the men in the Infant Education (over-represented by female staff). It has two main aims: to compare if women and men are different interacting with children, and to examine the influence of the gender of the staff on the development of children's sex-typing behaviour.
There are three main objectives:
1.- To examine differences and similarities between women and men who work in Infant Education (3 6) with respect two major dimensions: (i) Their individual characteristics (including previous teaching experience, attitudes to men working with young children, and ideas about sex-stereotyping), and (ii) their interactions with the children. 2.- To assess the relationship between the gender of the staff and the sex-typing behaviours of the children (4-5 years old).
3.- To disseminate the results in such a way as to provide a practical help to Infant educators and parents about men working with young children, as well as contributing to the academic debate on the development of sex differences.


Universidad de Sevilla
S/n,avenida San Francisco Javier S/n
41005 Sevilla

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