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Fern diversity of malaysia - systematics of selected genera of the brake family - pteridaceae


Malaysia is one of the global hotspots of biodiversity, especially ferns: ca. 1/3 of the world's fern species occur in the region. One of the most species rich groups is the family Pteridaceae (approx. 250 species), well known for its horticultural representatives. The aim of the present project is to revise two subfamilies Taenitidoideae and Cheilanthoideae (with approx. 15 genera in total). This will be done by extensive analyses of the morphology, and especially comparative studies of anatomical and sporangium structures. The resulting data base will be used to establish a phylogenetic classification of the family. The taxonomic results will contribute to the international Flora Malesiana project, which aims at a full inventory of the flora; including identification tools and multimedia presentations. The reconstructed phylogeny will greatly enhance our understanding of the evolution of this ancient fern group. Field work is required to collect material as well as to capture ecological and morphological variation essential for species delimination.


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