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Basin-scale study of photosynthesis and calcification by size-fractionated phytoplankton in the Atlantic Ocean - the UK-Falklands transect


The abundance of phytoplankton of different sizes and their rate of photosynthesis and calcification will be determined across a large- scale (>10,000 km) transect running from ca 550 N to ca 550 S in the Atlantic Ocean. The proposed work will be carried out within the framework of a broader research project already funded by the British NERC, that concerns the study of seawater bio-optical properties in relation to phytoplankton biomass and activity and associated biogeochemical cycling. Main objectives of the applicant's work will be: i) to determine the large scale latitudinal distribution of photosynthesis rate in relation to hydrodynamic processes; ii) to determine the basin-scale rate of calcification and to estimate its effects on air-sea CO2 exchange and iii) to produce and extensive set of photosynthesis and calcification data for the calibration and validation of remote sensing techniques. Completion of these objectives will give i) deeper insight into mechanisms of biological forcing of air-sea CO2 exchanges and ii) improved procedures for interpretation of satellite ocean colour imagery.

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