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Comparative analysis on nuclear fragmentation


The present project can be regarded as an attempt to establish the link between different theories for multifragmentation processes, namely percolation theory that has been proposed by several authors as a possible explanation for nuclear fragmentation, lattice gas theory and classical molecular dynamics. The main objectives of the project can be summarized in the following points:
i) To find an explanation to the existence of the scaling property in t size distribution of the fragments within the framework of molecular dynamics, a property that is well established both in percolation and lattice gas theories. ii) To establish a mapping between the thermodynamic phase diagram and the percolation diagram by characterizing the different regions and critical points. iii) To analyse the geometry and size distribution of the fragments as a func- tion of the range of the interaction. The Coulomb long-range interaction will be considered as a special and very interesting case.

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Université de Paris-Sud XI

91406 Orsay

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