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Neutron scattering study of hybridised rare-earth and uranium compounds up to very high pressure


Recent developments in high-pressure techniques suitable for neutron scattering experiments open a vast field for investigating the physics of correlated electrons in 4f and 5f shells. The following measurements are proposed:
- magnetic phase diagram will be completed in uranium monopnictide USb, where a new magnetic phase may occur at about 8 Gpa.
- a new insight in the extraordinary magnetic properties of Ce-pnictides shoud be provided by neutron diffraction studies. The magnetic phase diagrams of CeP,CeAs,CeSb and CeBi will be determined up to 10 GPa. The available volume in new high-pressure cells may even allow inelastic neutron scattering measurements to get access to lattice dynamics and magnetic excitations, which is an essentially unexplored field up to now. - finally the evolution of the magnetic structure in uranium chalcogenides will be studied as a function of pressure. In particular, the magnetic state of UTe in the CsCI phase obtained under 9 GPa will be investigated.

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Centre d'etudes de saclay
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