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Investigation of ob gene expression in immortalized human brown adipocytes


This project aims to determine the regulation of ob gene expression in immortalized human brown adipocytes. The ob gene product, leptin, is a putative hormone that acts on hypothalamic centres, recently shown to induce weight loss in obese mice. Leptin functions as a central component in the body weight regulatory system, including insulin, B3-adrenergic receptor and hypothalamic centres. Since obesity constitutes the greatest health problem in Western society, the elucidation of leptin regulation is of considerable scientific and social relevance. A unique cellular system of immortalized human brown adipocytes forms the basis of this work Northern blot, PCR and nuclear run-on analyses will examine the dependence of ob gene expression on insulin and various B3-adrenergic ligands. The ob gene and its regulatory regions will be examined to define enhancer and transcription elements. Cell lines with a mutant B3-adrenergic receptor will be generated and selective inhibitors/activators of signal transduction pathway components will be employed to define intracellular processes in ob gene expression.

Funding Scheme

RGI - Research grants (individual fellowships)


Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
22,Rue Méchain
75014 Paris

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