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New cluster-assembled materials and semiconductors nanostructures


The research program is based on the preparation and characterization of Cluster-Assembled Materials and Semiconductor Nanostructures to progress in the synthesis and fundamental understanding of new materials. Using a variety of techniques new materials with controlled size and dimension ranging from clusters of few atoms to ultrathin films with nanometer thickness, will be prepared and structural characterized. Furthermore the program is based on the preraration of new semiconductor interfaces and in particular on the investigation of surface processes and interaction with non-conventional impurities in order to obtain always higher quality semiconductor micro-devices.
The research prograun will be conducted primarily at the Physics Department of the University of Catania.
The aim of this proposal will be to link together the host institution with local industries and will make possible for an E.C. investigator with international experience to develop this project in a less-favoured region of the Community.


Corso Italia 57
95129 Catania

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