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Greenhouse microclimate modelling as a designing tool for more efficient constructions


The management of the indoor greenhouse climate is a complicated task since it involves several interrelated physical processes. An analysis of these phenomena is necessary in order to optimise the design of the corresponding climate control equipment.
The proposed work is aiming at studying the influence of cooling systems to the indoor environment. Passive cooling is obtained by altering several of the exchange processes taking place in the greenhouse. The interaction between these interrelated processes will be investigated.
The influence of shading screens on the ventilation efficiency will be analysed with the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics.
Moreover, the physics involved in the spray cooling systems will be analysed. The dynamical behaviour of droplets in hot dry air will be studied. Finally, the influence of the ventilation on the evaporative cooling will be numerically investigated .
The developed models will be used for assessing existing cooling systems and suggesting possible improvements.

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