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The brucella 28kda protein of the cytosoluble protein extract as diagnostic antigen for the differentiation between infected and vaccinated animals


AR 28 klDa protein of Brucella has been shown to induce antibody response in infected sheep not detected in vaccinated animals. This makes this protein an interesting candidate for a brucellosis diagnostic test ailowing the differentiation between infected and vaccinated animals something difficult with the current serological tests usually detecting anti-LPS antibodies that are generated in both infected and vaccinated animals. These antibodies are also responsible for cross-reactions with other microorganisms . The objectives are:
- To evaluate the interest of the recombinant protein for the specific diagnosis of brucellosis and serological differentiation between infection and vaccination in sheep and cow.
- Construction of vaccinal mutant strains not expressing the protein. Vaccination with these mutants would improve the test effectiveness avoiding the detection of possible positive reactions among vaccinated animals.
- To analyze, using the mouse model, the role of the protein in the protective activity and virulence of the vaccinal strains.

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