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Enzymes as catalysts for hydrogen fuel cells. Assembly of a multicomponent enzymatic film at an electrode surface by a step-by-step method


Molecular recognition performed by specialised biological molecules like antibodies or avidin is an useful tool for the construction of enzymes onto electrode surfaces. The objective of this project is to accomplish a experimental and theoretical study of enzymatic electrocatalysis in a multilayer structure where both the enzyme (a hydrogenase) and the redox mediator (a viologen derivative) are immobilized in a sequential manner. Briefly, this would imply the direct modification of the electrode surface hy a step-by-step construction, using the strong biotin-avidin affinity, of conveniently derivatized enzymes and redox mediators. The main goal of the proposed method is to obtain high catalytic currents without mediator in the bulk solution and to study the reversibility of such system in a large range of pH.
This modified electrode could be the active part of a fuel cell using hydrogenase as catalyst instead of platinoids.


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