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Development of improved sofc components by optimizing the microstructure


Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs) are currently being developed because of the superiority of this energy conversion device regarding high efficiency and low pollution. The components of an SOFC are the electrolyte (ZrO2+8%mol Y203 = YSZ), the anode (Ni+YSZ), the cathode (LaMnO3) and the interconnector (LaCrO3 or Cr-basis alloy).
In order to operate this device properly, the fuel electrode (anode) has to be primarily optimized with respect to porosity and the gas permeability. These two parameters can be influenced by the design and the processing route of this component.
Our aim is to develop the microstructure of the anode by modifying the production procedure. For every modification we have to appropriately measure and characterize the relevant parameters and control the operational ability not only of this component, but also of the whole system.

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