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Early changes in gene expression following virus infection in plants


The proposed work is based on the observation of transient induction of high levels of expression of heat shock protein 70 kD (HSP70) mRNA following pea seed borne mosaic virus (PSbMV) invasion of pea tissues (M. Aranda, unpublished results). This is a completely new observation in plant virology and provides the unique opportunity to obtain training in new areas of molecular biology that will be invaluable in establishing a research career in Spain.
The goals of the proposed project are:
1) to explore the potential of Saccharomizes cerevisiae as a model synchronous system for the dissection of the molecular basis for the HSP70 response to viral infection, and 2) to study the induction of HSP70 by viral infection with regard to the nature of the viral inducer and the complexity of signalling pathway between inducer and induction. The work will use an innovative approach and technology which is very new but already in use at the host institution.

Funding Scheme

RGI - Research grants (individual fellowships)


Colney Lane Norwich Research Park
NR4 7UH Norwich
United Kingdom

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