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Cloning and characterisation of factors interacting with the yeast essentialsnorna snr30


In this project we intend to further characterise the structure and function of the snoRNP (small nucleolar ribonucleoparticle) snR30. This particle, made of the essential snoRNA (small nucleolar RNA) snR30 and several nucleolar proteins, has been shown to be required for the ribosomal processing reactions which lead to the formation of the mature 18S rRNA, the RNA component of the small ribosomal subunit.
We propose to identify new genes whose products either interact or have overlapping functions with the snoRNA snR30. This will be achieved through the isolation of multicopy and extragenic suppressors of snr30 conditional mutations, as well as the identification of synthetic lethal mutations. This screening should allow the identification of proteins associated with the snR30 RNP particle, as well as interactions between different snoRNP particles. This will provide a test of current hypotheses for mechanisms involved in pre-rRNA processing in yeast.

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King's Building, Darwing Building, Mayfield Road
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United Kingdom

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