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Stereoelectronic control in supramolecular systems


It is proposed to investigate, (i) by means of template-directed synthesis that is closely guided by structural studies in both the solution and solid states as well as (ii) by computational methods receptors based on interlocked molecular compounds containing Pi-donating and Pi-accepting aromatic recognition units. The aim of the research is to gain fundamental understanding as to how intermolecular stereoelectronic factors govern the strengths and geometries of binding of Pi-accepting aromatic substrates in selfassembled (3) catenanes containing a Pi-electron rich binding pocket. Through modification of the size and the geometry of this binding site, as well as by the variation of the Pi-donor and Pi-acceptor units, we hope to gain access to interlocked molecules capable of behaving as tunable synthetic molecular receptors. We hope to achieve insight into new ways of synthesising selective substrates binders and molecular switches with fascinating topological features.

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