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Radiative corrections for lep2 physics


Our proposal consists of calculating and analysing the radiative corrections to processes relevant for LEP2 physics, and especially W pair production. We propose to parametrize these corrections in a manifestly gauge independent way in terms of the pinch technique (PT) self- energy, vertex, and box functions and subsequently tabulate them for use in automated codes. Specifically the objective is to:
- Avoid numerically, large gauge cancellations. - Examine the size of individual contributions of different classes of one-loop graphs to the total cross-section
- Extract important physical quantities, such as running
couplings and form factors from the LEP data.
- Define the improved Born approximation for complicated processes involving three or more particles in the final state and obtain higher-order estimates for them. - Construct automated codes for the calculation of one-loop cross-sections. - Investigate the off-shell W pair production at the one-loop level.


University of Durham
South Road
DH1 3LE Durham
United Kingdom

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