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Content archived on 2024-05-14

Quand des groupes en conflit negocient l'environnement - processus psychosociaux et activite discursive des negociateurs


The proposed research addresses the construction of integrative agreements in intergroup conflict negotiation. Two classes of factors are studied: (i) social-psychological determinants (categorization and
interdependence); and (ii) mediating variables (active properties of discourse). Categorization (e.g. Tajfel & Turner, 1986) and interdependence (e.g. Rabbie et al., 1989) are chosen for their potential for integration of different research traditions. Active properties of discourse (e.g. Edwards & Potter, 1992) can help to account for the dynamic nature of negotiation. The aim here is to deal with current flaws of negotiation research.
A bibliographical research is intended to integrate the
different areas of literature, specify hypotheses and explore tools for the quantification of language properties. Then an exploratory fleld research contributes to the devising of an experimental situation as close to a real life intergroup conflict as possible. The experiment includes a factorial experimental design, with interdependence and categorization as independent manipulated variables, in order to measure their effects on agreement construction when mediated by negotiators' discourse.

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