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Algorithm developments for unstructured viscous flow solver


Title algorithm developments for an unstructured viscous flow solver The objective of this research proposal is to devise efficient numerical algorithms for the computation of viscous flows around complex aerospace geometries. The two key areas of investigation are; the use of hybrid meshes which are a mix of tetrahedra, prisms and hexahedra, retaining some 'structure' in the grid within the boundary laser where the cells are most highly stretched, and the exploitation of this 'structure' by a locally line-implicit method used as a 'smoother' within a multigrid procedure. This will be designed to relieve the 'numerical stiffness' associated with using highly stretched meshes. One key aim of this work is to devise a viscous multigrid algorithm that maintains the high degree of efficiency already achieved for inviscid methods.

Funding Scheme

RGI - Research grants (individual fellowships)


University of Oxford
11 Keble Road
OX1 3QD Oxford
United Kingdom

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