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Risk regulation and industrial competitiveness - the exemplary importance of European regulation on pharmaceuticals and novel foods


The proposed research aims to analyse the relationship between risk regulation and industrial competitiveness, and to further the understanding of the interdependency between safety objectives and other policies by the Community, as well as its international dimension. The apparent tension between the objective of setting of health and safety standards and the promotion of competitiveness will be scrutinised, with particular emphasis on pharmaceuticals and novel foods. Moreover, the research will address the question of the impact of Community risk regulation on economically and technically less advanced Member States, a problem especially pertinent to the pharmaceutical and novel foods industries, applying biotechnology processes. Finally, the international dimension will be addressed: the effect of the increasing trend towards the internationalisation of scientific discourse and standards on economic interests. The approach taken will be an interdisciplinary one, with particular attention to empirical analysis based on interviews with the various interested parties.


Universität Bremen
1,Universitätsallee Gw 1
28359 Bremen

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