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Hypertext/hypermedia, interactions and learning - analysing the effects of hypertext/hypermedia on social inter-actions in learning situations


This request fits into the frame of a thesis of an ongoing doctorate. The aim of this piece of work is to light up the links between the new communication technologies and learning, or else, between the communication on in its technological view and the communication in its pedagogical view.
The concrete aim of this research is focused on hypertexts and hypermedia. The central question of this research can be defined as followed: What significant difference, what specific change can a communication technology as hypertext or hypermedia induce in social interactions between subjects involved in learning situations ?
In other words, how can this type of technology affect the communication between the actors concerned by its use in learning situation ? And by the way, how can it affect the building up of knowledge itself ? In this frame, the specific objective of the research planned at the University of Paris Vlll is double:
- first, to strengthen the theoretical and methodological frame of the project, in connection with the researchers and teachers of this University working in the fields of educational technologies and hypermedia; - second, to participate with them to the observation, analysis and evaluation of concrete hypermedia systems, concerning their effects on social interactions in learning situations.

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Université de Paris VIII Vincennes à Saint-Denis
2,rue de la liberté 2
93526 Saint-denis

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