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Development of granular activated carbons with activated carbons fibers properties


Activated carbon is a widely extended product which most revevant application is as adsorbent. Nevertheless, activated carbon fibers (ACF) have been developed recently, having as major properties their rapid adsorption kinetics of light molecules and selectivity (large molecules not adsorbed do not interfere) than granular activated carbons (GAC), due to the micrporous character (pore size below 2 nm). The scope of this work project is to develop a granular activated carbon, with a porous texture similar to that of ACF. The selection of a raw material is relevant to achieve the objectives of the project. So, a coal with a low content of volatiles seems to be the most appropiated. The raw material will be subjected to air preoxidation treatments and chemical activation processes in series, with a low heating rate, to obtain a GAC with similar adsorption characteristics to ACF. Perhaps the adsorption capacity of conventional GAC could be higher to that of the new product, but its selectivity in molecular sieving properties and rapid adsorption kinetics to light molecules (no large molecules could interfere) would be increased considerably respect usual activated carbons.

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