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Study of biointeractions at functionalised polymeric surfaces


"STUDY OF BIOINTERACTIONS AT FUNCTIONALISED POLYMERIC SURFACES" This project aims to characterise the surface properties of functionalised polysaccharides deposited on a gold surface. Polysaccharides of varying molecular weight will be substituted with thiol side groups able to bind covalently onto gold surfaces. The polymers can be substituted with additional functional pending groups such as poly(amido-amines)s which possibly interact with biological polymers e.g. proteines or polysaccharides (heparine).
Furthermore, this programme not only includes the development of new approaches for the immobilisation of biomolecules at polymeric interfaces but also the detailed study of their interactions with other biomolecules such as blood components, at the molecular level.
In a next step, it is obvious that the information obtained will be employed to improve the design of advanced biomaterials (e. g. implants) and the development and/or optimisation of biosensors.
The physico-chemical analysis of the polysacchalide coatings and their interactions with biopolymers will be studied by a wide range of surface characterisation techniques such as SIMS, XPS, AFM, elipsometry and surface plasmon resonance.

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