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Reactive and catalytic properties of size-selected deposited clusters


The objective of the project is to investigate the size-dependent chemical properties of deposited metal (Cu and Ag) clusters and to explore their catalytic potential. Clusters will be produced with two cluster sources, together covering the size range 1-500 atoms. After size selection, the clusters will be deposited on substrates with weak or strong cluster interaction. The deposited clusters will be characterised with a range of surface science tools, e.g. STM, SEM, HREELS and XPS. Both adsorption of molecules on the clusters (chemisorption state, binding energy, etc.) and catalytic properties (efficiency, selectivity) will be studied as a function of cluster size and substrate. This project will allow me to exploit my experience of gas-phase cluster chemistry while mastering the wide range of surface science techniques available at the University of Birmingham for frontier research in a new field - the chemistry of size-selected deposited clusters.


B15 2TT Birmingham
United Kingdom

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