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Synthesis, characterization and study of transition metal dichalcogenides thin films for intercalation battery systems


We plan to study the correlation between the structure of transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDC) and the performance of such system with respect to intercalation of alkalyne metal atoms. We propose to synthesize transition metal dichalcogenides in the form thin films; this choice will allow us to minimize the diffusion problem and then to attain more easily conditions close to equilibrium. The films and (for comparison) single cristalline materials will be characterized by photoelectron (XPS, UPS, SXPS) and other (STM, XRD,..?.. TE UHV techniques. Intercalation studies will be carried on samples prepared both by deposition of alkali metals in UHv, and by electrochemic insertion. Thus, it will be possible to correlate the structural a..?.. electronic changes with the thermodynamics and kinetics of the intercalation process. Different compounds of the TMDC family (e.g. dichalcogenides of Ti, Ta, Nb, Zr) will be prepared and studied.

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