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Adsorption of nonionic surfactants to liquid-solid interfaces investigated by 2hnmr quadrupolar splitting


The structure and dynamics of surfactant aggregates adsorbed on the surface of solid particles in solution will be investigated by NMR: Nonionic surfactants CnEm form surface aggregates on adsorption to hydrophilic surfaces and monolayers on adsorption to hydrophobic surfaces. Both adsorption layers are well characterized in their structural properties, but so far not in their dynamics.
The 2H quadrupolar splitting of CnEm specifically deuterated at different positions within the carbon chain will be investigated. This will provide the order parameters of the C-2H bonds and will therefore give a measure for the mobility along the chains.
Micellar aggregates on hydrophilic surfaces will additionally be studied with varying oil content. By 2H quadrupolar splitting and oil diffusion measurements the aggregate size, chain ordering and mobility, and the dynamics of the oil- surfactant interaction will be investigated.

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