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Surface and catalytic properties of aluminophosphate oxynitrides - alpon - and gaalpon


The objective of this proposal is the study of the structural properties and the reactivity of a new class of high surface area solids that present very promising basic properties. They are aluminophosphate oxynitrides (ALPON), pure and modified with Galium (GaALPON) and Pt-Ga (Pt-GaALPON). It aims to identify the basic sites of the solids, to determine the role of the Galium in GaALPON, to control the dispersion of the Platinum in Pt-GaALPON and to determine the mechanism of reaction and the actives sites of the solids in dehydrogenation reactions.
The content of the project is: - Physico-Chemical characterization of ALPON, GaALPON and Pt-GaALPON by a wide number of techniques. - Applications of the solids as basic catalysts - Optimisation of the dispersion of the Platinum in Pt-GaALPON, in order to maximize the reactivity.
- Study by "in situ" methods of the considered reactions and the basic probe molecules adsorption (SO2, Pyrrol).

Funding Scheme

RGI - Research grants (individual fellowships)


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1348 Louvain-la-neuve

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