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Transcriptional organization as a function of development in arabidopsis roots


The development of hair cells in Arabidopsis roots involves the progressive differentiation of cells from a set of initial cells, through a meristematic phase and ultimately on to a differentiated hair cell. It therefore offers a unique opportunity to investigate the organization of transcription and transcript processing during development in an accessible system.
This project will answer three questions:
How are transcription and transcript processing organized during the development of 1. wt Arabidopsis roots 2. Arabidopsis root mutants with altered nuclear organization Therefore I will analyze the organization of snRNP components, snRNAs, rRNAs and more specific mRNAs by whole mount immunofluorescence and in situ confocal microscopy. BrUTP incorporation will be used to localize sites of transcription. 3. Is root hair polarity generated by or reflected in a polarity of transcription or trancript localization? Therefore the localization of both polyA mRNA and specific mRNAs (e.g. actin) will be examined during root hair development.

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Colney lane - norwich research park
NR4 7UH Norwich
United Kingdom

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