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Application and further developments of state of the art procedures for the design and evaluation of thermal processes for foods


The need for accurate design (and control) of a thermal process, in order to deliver to the consumer a safe product of high quality, is of paramount importance and well recognized. The state of the art in designing and evaluation of thermal processes involves the use of Time-Temperature integrators (TTI) or of physical-mathematical procedures.
The objective of the proposed work is the further development of physical-mathematical procedures and the testing of alternative enzymatic TTI systems for thermal process design and evaluation.
The successful completion of the proposed work will enhance our know-how on designing thermal processes. This can be of benefit to both the industry (by increasing productivity and reducing production costs) and the consumer (by improving the safety and quality of thermal processed foods).


National Technical University of Athens
5,Heroon Polytechniou Street
15780 Zografou

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