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Development of sustainable grazing systems for small ruminants in Andalucian natural parks and associated areas in Andalucia, Spain


The objective of the research is to develop methods for improving grazing systems in Natural Parks in Andalucia to maintain or improve desired plant communities by eliminating overgrazing, leading to degradation of ecosystems and soil erosion, and undergrazing, resulting in bush encroachment and increased fire risk. The programme of research will have three stages: the definition of existing stocking levels and patterns, the comparison of estimates of the contribution of grazing to flock requirements with estimates of the current level and pattern of production of utilisable plant material, and the development and testing of grazing plans that create a better balance between plant production and animal requirements, improve the vigour of desired plant communities and achieve an economic level of flock production. The work will be carried out at a number of sites by students, in conjunction with flock owners, extension workers, and Park authorities and wardens.

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Universidad de Córdoba
S/n,avda. Menéndez Pidal
14080 Córdoba

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