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X-ray magnetic reflectivity study of magnetic multilayer systems. Experimental and instrumental developements


The main goal of this project is to extend the use of XRMS (X-ray Magnetic Resonant Scattering in specular reflectivity studies), a new technique with unique possibilities in the study of the magnetism of materials. The work programme consists of three parts:
- The implementation of a diffractometer dedicated to XRMS.
- To perform experiments with x-ray sources.
- The improvement of a program to calculate reflectivity curves. The experimental work will be focused in:
- Metallic multilayers: our aim is to obtain the polarisation profile inside the magnetic layers and its extension inside the "non-magnetic" layers.
? Rare-earth based permanent magnets: XRMS is expected to bring new insights on the spin reorientation transition (SRT). This new approach could allow to distinguish the magnetic properties of an element present inside two kind of sites in a material.
The proposal will favour the following international programs:
? The french-spanish "L.E.A. MANES", supported by the CSIC and the CNRS ? The Community programme: "Novel probes for magnetic materials and magnetic phenomena: linear and circular x-ray dichroism".

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