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Palladium catalysed molecular switching cascades


Metal catalysts can provide a very effective approach to controlled "co-polymeri- sation" of 2,34....n different small molecular building blocks. Such reactions are cascade reactions and this approach offers the ultimate technology especially if the complex molecules required by the agrochemical and pharmaceutical industries, can largely be prepared from a series of small "off-the-shelf" building blocks. What is needed is a good understanding of the relative rates of potentially competing processed and the development of protocols for selectively promoting/suppressing some of these. This will provide the tools necessary to develop controlled cascades involving combinations of 2,34....n different substrate molecules which switch between intra- and inter-molecular cascade processes. Such processes offer immense power and startling increases in molecular complexity far outstripping conventional synthesis. The cascades comprise 3 widely variable components starter, switch and capping agent and a range of initiation methods and chiral catalysts will be developed.

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