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Numerical simulations of slow instabilities in stellar systems - a low-noise numerical technique applied to long-term evolutions


The long-term evolution of stellar systems (star clusters, galaxies) is a perturbation problem very difficult to study by standard techniques: analytic techniques are restricted in general to linear solutions, while numerical n-body simulations are plagued by the excessive discretization due to their limited number of particles. An original method combining analytical models for the initial state with an n-body simulation for the perturbation has been developped (PhD of the applicant) that reduces the effects of dicretization.
We plan to increase the power of the method by increasing the role of the analytical modelization; this would be achieved by including periodically during a simulation any growing non-linear perturbation in the analytical model.
The aim is to describe problems that are both most relevant to evolution of stellar clusters and out-of-reach of present techniques: the time-scales and the non-linear evolution of slow, lasting perturbations.

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