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Biodegradable polyalkenoate cements


The objective of this project is to look at the feasibility of developing a biodegradable bone glue for fracture fixation in orthopaedic surgery. Recently glass polyalkenoate cements formed from poly(acrylic acid) and ion leachable glasses have been developed as chemically adhesive bone cements. However there is a clinical need for a degradable adhesive. The objective of the current project is to synthesise and characterise poly(B Malic Acid). Poly(B Malic Acid) has the same chemical structure as poly(acrylic acid), but has an ester group in the polymer backbone and will hydrolyse to Malic Acid a metabolite of the TCA cycle. The chemistry of cement formation between Poly(B Malic Acid) anci ion leachable fluorosilicate glasse subsequently will be investigated and te mechanical properties of suitable cements characterised.

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University of Limerick
Plassey Technological Park
61 Limerick

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