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Small angle neutron and light scattering studies on mixed vesicle/micelle systems combined with a novel statistical-mechanical evaluation scheme


The aim of the programme is to experimentally test a novel theory regarding spontaneously formed long rod-shaped micelles and vesicles. The theory relates properties from the size distributions of the aggregates, i.e. average size and polydispersity, to energetic properties of the micelle and the vesicle bilayer. Small-angle neutron and light scattering methods are very useful in order to obtain information about size distributions of aggregates such as vesicles and rod-shaped micelles. We also intend to perform complementary measurements with CRYO-TEM (freeze fracture electron microscopy).
From our work we will obtain energetical information about the aggregates for a few systems at different solution states. We will also study the time course as the system is attaining thermodynamical equilibrium. The results will hopefully give a deeper theoretical understanding of the formation and stability of those aggregates.


Risø National Laboratory

4000 Roskilde

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