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Synthesis and magnetism of novel mn-based materials


Research objectives and content
The knowledge of the magnetic moment formation and the mechanism of the magnetic coupling between the Mn moments in Mn-based materials is very limited. This forms a serious handicap in materials science and prevents the exploitation of the large reservoir of ternary and quaternary Mn-based compounds in the search for novel magnet materials. In the present project we propose to broaden the fundamental basis for the magnetism of Mn atoms in intermetallic compounds. The main emphasis will be on the search for novel Mn-based materials suited for producing permanent magnets. Since Mn atoms in systems of medium Mn concentration potentially can have large magnetic anisotropy and high magnetic moments (twice as high as Fe atoms in pure Fe metal), ternary or quaternary Mn-based compounds will be synthesised with magnetic characteristics between those of NdFeB and the ferrites. The results of the present project will lead to materials and related techniques for manufacturing permanent magnets of medium-sized energy products for which strong demand exists in industrial applications. Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
The training which will be obtained by the applicant within a two-year research period at the host institute can be listed as follows: 1) Magnetism in extremely high magnetic fields; 2) The knowledge involved in establishing a high magnetic field facility; This knowledge will be a great help to applicant's home institute since a project to construct a high-field facility at the Technical University of Vienna has been approved by the Austrian Ministry for Science and Technology. 3) Single crystal growing by means of the Tri-arc Czochralski method; 4) Mechanical alloying for obtaining metastable materials and 5) magnetic materials characterisation .
Links with industry / industrial relevance (22)
The present project is relevant to industry. In particular, Philips is very interested in the results. The host institute has a long tradition and also an intensive on-going co-operation with Philips Research Labs, Eindhoven. The PHILIPS company. as a permanent producer, considers it very important to find novel materials suitable for manufacturing permanent magnets of medium price and medium performance. Such materials are not available at present and they would be very welcome with Philips. The company is planning to evaluate the results of the project.

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