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Synthesis of macrocyclic poliamine receptors and their role in anionic supramolecular recognition


The aim of the present research project lies in the design of receptor units for anionic substrates since they serve as anchoring sites for numerous biological substrates. Firstly, several types of macrocyclic polyamines of different sizes will be prepared; the introduction of oxygen or sulfur atoms in the macrocyclic structure will be also considered. The complexation of the previously synthetized polyamines with AMP, ADP and ATP will be studied because it offers the possibility of devising molecular catalysts and carriers for these substrates. The design of new supramolecular catalysts achieving high rates and/or better selectivities may be possible by exploring further structural variations.
Finally, since polyammonium macrocycles bind a variety of anionic species, we will also consider if this type of anionic receptors could behave as a powerful tool in the selective decorporation of toxic anionic substrates (for example CN-) in reactions that involve complexable anionic derivatives.

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