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Collaboration in a dedicated lhc collider beauty experiment for precision measurements of cp-violation


Research objectives and content
The applicant proposes to join in the next two years to the CERN LHC-B experiment, a dedicated LHC Collider Beauty Experiment for Precise Measurements of CP-Violation. LHC-B aims to provide a sensitive test of the Standard Model description of quark mixing through the measurement of the CKM matrix elements without using previous measurements. The candidate will join to the CERN group of the LHC-B experiment to participate in the working programme of the group, which includes hardware work to build the detector and software work for the analysis of the data. Presently, the Collaboration is preparing the Technical Proposal to be submitted to the CERN LHC Committee.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
Spain is a country with poor tradition in High Energy Physics and the instalations to perform this kind of research are very limited. The training of young scientists and the knowledge they acquire in their participation in a large international collaboration in the CERN laboratory is an important issue for the scientific development of our country. To perform a successful research work in High Energy Physics is mandatory a large stay in the laboratory where the experiment is taking place.
The scientific impact of LHC is clear. The CKM matrix appears directly in the Standard Model I,agrangian, and its parameters are of equal importance as, say, the masses of the Zr and the top quark.
Links with industry / industrial relevance (22)
The industrial relevance of this kind of experiments is in accordance with the general spirit of the relation CERN-Industry, which is substantial. The development of more and more sophisticated detectors and electronic components for fast data taking implies the generation of new technologies and an important impact in Industry. Software developments of general interest also occur in the course of this kind of research.



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