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Research objectives and content
This project attempts to further our knowledge of the 20th century anti-malaria campaigns in Spain, a campaign which played a key role in shaping and modernising Spanish Health Administration. The study will cover the schemes carried out by the Home, Agriculture and War Ministries; the analysis of their scientific, political and ideological foundations; the effect of the WHO regulations; and the specific results of the agreement between the Spanish government and the Rockefeller Foundation. Finally we will try to illustrate the medical and social effects of this health campaign.
As part of my training this project introduce me to the particularities of a health campaign focused on an epidemic disease instead of a chronic disease (with which I am more familiar), the connections between Spain and the rest of Europe in public health matters, and the role played by an international charity (The Rockefeller Foundation) in funding the anti-malaria campaign.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
I expect to improve current knowledge of one of the most serious contemporary epidemic diseases, still prevalent in Europe, and to organise an international workshop on the history of malaria in collaboration with my research group in Spain and the European Network on the History of anti-Malaria campaign (part of the European Association for the History of Medicine and Health).

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