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Structural analysis of microporous and mesoporous aluminosilicates by mas-nmr spectroscopy


The project will be concerned with the study of the structure and reactivity of 2D and 3D aluminosilicates.
Materials with pore diameters in the micro and mesopore ranges, with a narrow pore size distribution, have applications in catalysis, as well as host structures in occlusion chemistry. Solid state NMR with magic-angle-spinning (MAS) spectroscopy is becoming a fundamental tool to study structural effects in those materials.
The subject of the research combines the knowledge and experience of both the host and the present institutions, where the applicant has carried out her doctoral and postdoctoral academic formation. The Spanish team has recently attained non expected and interesting results concerning modifications in the matrix-solid structure of 2D microporous aluminosilicates upon hydrothermal treatments. The structural analysis of them by MAS-NMR spectroscopy and the extension of the study to 3D mesoporous aluminosilicates are the global aim of the project.

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Universidad de Sevilla
553,profesor garcía gonzález
41071 Sevilla

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