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Photochemistry and radiation chemistry of environmentally and biologically relevant nitrogenated compounds - n-c1-amino acids


Research objectives and content
The main objectives of the project will be: i) Identification of the intermediates photochemically and radiation chemical generated from appropriate amino acids or from their N-derivatives (N-halo, N-nitroso etc.) ii) Study of the rectivity of the different intermediates generated under diffe- rent physicochemical conditions. iii) Identification of the reaction products for both the photochemical and radiation chemical processes. The accomplishment of these objectives will allow us to draw a detailed picture of reactivity of amino acids and their N-derivatives under UV irradiation or under the effect of ionizing radiation. Emphasis will be placed on the studies in aqueous solution, due to the importance c this medium both from the biochemical and from the environmental point of view. Experiments in media other than water are also planned if necessary to explain the observed reactivity.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact) The main training objective is to acquire experience in the fields of flash photolysis and radiation chemistry. Provided the excellence of the host institution, this is expected to be a complete success. A second, very important, objective is to get enough experience in this kind of studies as to be able to continue with them in the future in the place of origin of the applicant (Galicia, Spain), which, as a less developed European region would benefit a lot from a new high-quality scientific team. Links with industry / industrial relevance (22)


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