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Continuous loading of a mesoscopic dipole trap


The recent achievements of laser cooling and manipulation of atoms as well as latest developments in atom optics have moved the whole field to the boundary of the new regime where coherent matter wave interactions will become dominant. After the realisation of Bose-Einstein-Condensation a next milestone will be the realisation of a laser like device for 'bosonic atoms', the atom laser. It is the objective of the project to set first experimental steps towards an atom laser by exploring and investigating continuous loading of a novel mesoscopic dipole trap. The project- including theoretical and experimental studies- will yield spin-off with respect to atom guiding, quenching of Penning ionisation, nanostructuring, atom lithography and atom microscopy The project will profit from the synergetic connection of my knowledge of laser physics with the knowledge in atom optics of e host institute, and will therefore stimulate the development of dipole traps and concepts for atom lasers in Europe
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Coming from the field of Quantum Electronics the project constitutes a change of subject and offers me the possibility to broaden my scientific skills and knowledge in the field of Atom Optics in particular and Quantum Optics as a whole. Due to the diversity of scientific work in the host institute I will gain state of the art knowledge on atom manipulation with lasers, laser cooling and trapping, and atom interferometery. I will present results of the work on international european conferences. Furthermore, I will profit from the active contact of the host institute with groups all around europe. In particular, short visits to the atom optics groups in Pans, Innsbruck and Oxford are planned .

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